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Adlib Entertainment

For over 15 years, Adlib Entertainment has been an award winning leader in Youth Theatre and Training. Changing young lives and creating performance opportunities for hundreds of children and young adults.

Over the years, it has grown into so much more, providing many opportunities for adults and children to entertain and to be entertained. Now, through its work and reputation, Adlib Entertainment is now able to offer many other worthwhile products such as Adlib Young Performers Drama and Theatre Classes, ‘in school’ programmes, script hire and the very popular Youth Impro Games Adlib writes and develops all its own scripts and programmes which ensures that they constantly strive to provide new and exciting work for their performers, classes and audiences. So would you like to see how we can help you with finding what is needed for you or a member of your family?  Then have a look at all our services and choose what best suits you.