All of these experiences (I have had) would not have been possible for me without your dedication and love for children’s theatre.  I can not possibly describe just how much love and respect I have for you and the rest of the teachers at Adlib.  There is never a day when I don’t miss Adlib and all my memories there.  One day I hope to return to Adlib, if you’ll have me back!  I’m sure you will be please to know that all us oldies from Adlib still have very special friendships, thanks to you!  Adlib transformed me into the person I am now and I am, beyond works to say how grateful I am.”   NAOMI

January 14th 2009 marked the day a friend of mine suggested Adlib Young Performers as an acting school I could give a try, to help give me the best possible chance to get into either VCA or better yet, NIDA. As an 18 year old, I still hadn’t had any out-of-high-school training to my name. When Adlib came up, I was quick to take part in 2 dramatic art courses they offer there. Despite this being my first and possibly final full year at Adlib Young Performers, it is something that has completely changed and shaped the way I will approach my future in years to come. I will always share a bond with Adlib and its teachers for years to come and will still participate in as many one-off events they are well-known for putting together (i.e. Youth Impro Games, and in particular, Survival of the Fittest) ”     BLAKE

“What Adlib Entertainment has done for me? I started performing with Adlib back in 2005 and back then I was very shy and didn’t really have any social life.  It was so bad that I had trouble going to school.   My mum thought that maybe getting me into some drama may boost my confidence a bit and boy was she right. It was very difficult for me to start but as time went on with the help of Donna, Peter and the rest of the adlib family, I have developed a passion for not only performing but life as well.  I have a clear direction and I have achieved so much.  From getting awards to just looking out and seeing the smiles and joy we bring the all the children and families that come see one of our shows.  I know I’m not alone in saying this.  They have helped so many of us young performers.  We come together not only as a production company but as a family.  If had never been involved with Adlib I don’t know where I’d be right now.  I couldn’t imagine my life without Adlib and I will be forever grateful to Donna and Pete for all they’ve done for not only me but for my family as well.  Thank you to Donna, Pete and to all my Adlibian friends and family.  I love you all.”       ANNALYS


Dear Adlib Family,

I would like to express my thanks to everyone at Adlib for turning my
shy little girl into a happy and confident child. The life skills Madeline has received
from your acting classes have set her on a path for a positive journey through life.
I hoped that joining your acting classes would increase her confidence but I
did not realize how much they would enhance her world. When Madeline started
with Adlib she was too shy to do show and tell in front of her class. She is
now thriving at school and has been in several Adlib pantomimes. Madeline has
recently been cast in her first paid acting job on the set of the new Frank
Woodley TV series on the ABC to be aired later this year! Thank you for all
your encouragement and support. What a year in the right environment can do!


Thank you for giving her a great start. From a nervous 8 year old she is now able to stand up in front of audiences with complete confidence. She has gone on to compete in the Regional Finals of the Schools Public Speaking Competition and she was recently part of the Pacific Schools Games Opening Ceremony. I just hope I can find somewhere that continue on from the great work you have done with her. Thanks and best wishes to all at Adlib Entertainment.”  PARENT

You say that you teach drama, but I believe that you give kids life skills for the future.” JANET

“Thank you so much Donna and Peter, and all other teaching staff, for the wonderful year you have provided for our children. (They) have flourished under your guidance. Their enthusiasm has not waned all year which is a feat in it self to keep the attention of young ones. My daughter has grown in self assurance so much so that she was awarded her schools merit certificate for her year level. We are so proud of her, but feel that a lot of the credit goes to you for the encouragement, support and guidance that you give all your students; that allows them to develop in a nurtured and accepting environment of their individualities. Drama has allowed her to become more confident in her own abilities and has given her a voice she is no longer afraid to use. We thank you sincerely for the life skills that you have been able to impart to her. There is so much more to drama than just standing on a stage and performing”.  KIM

I feel that Adlib has an immensely important role within the community of The City Casey. Peter and Donna Dowler have created an oasis for our teens. I have personally seen teenagers become bright positive individuals from troubled and uncommunicative teenagers. Adlib is creating future members of our society who are bright, fun and positive teenagers.   Not all Children and Teenagers are interested in sport and I have discovered that Adlib has created a niche for these non sport interested young people. The current image of teenagers being trouble makers or suicide cases is so far removed from the teenagers at Adlib. It is a joy to me, that in this world of negative-ness towards our youth you could go to a performance or rehearsal or lesson run by Adlib and watch these same teenagers happily interacting with other generations without fear or distrust. This is purely down to the environment that Peter and Donna have created. I am in my 50’s and  at an Adlib event you will find teenagers, children and persons of my age and older communicating and laughing and conversing with each other, working, goal setting and creating together.

I have witnessed first hand what they have produced.  What Adlib does is something that many youth and government agencies are trying to create; they do this within a “Dramatic Arts” environment. Adlib is impacting positively on our next generation. I commend Peter and Donna and wish them every success in the future.”     CHRIS